SparkSpark (Time of Myths: Shapeshifter Sagas, #5)

Myths come alive in the SHAPESHIFTER SAGAS. Standalone stories to intrigue and excite.

Five STRONG women.
Five Mythical beasts.
Five EPIC love stories.


Since childhood, headstrong Morgan Hausle has dreamed of becoming a blacksmith but has accepted it was all it could be—a dream—for who would ever teach a woman? Her ever-optimistic father, Tybalt, takes her on his travels, mining the scenic heights of the Austrian Alps in search of valuable gems and ore. But when thieves steal their horse and valuables, Tybalt is injured, and they are left stranded and hungry.

Emich Schmidt, a lonely blacksmith with unparalleled skills, lives a solitary life—but not without reason. If his family secrets were revealed, it would be his downfall. Tales of dragons inhabiting Drachenberg, the picturesque mountainside where his ancestral home was built, are what keep people away. And that is how he likes it. However, during his monthly visit to the village for provisions, a talkative miner and his fair-haired daughter threaten Emich’s quiet lifestyle when he begrudgingly offers them assistance.

Fearful of the warnings about Drachenberg, Morgen cannot shake the feeling she is being watched while Emich questions if he can keep his dangerous secrets despite her constant curiosity. While their personalities clash, unmistakable truths come clear—in this world all beasts have a weakness—and every spark catches flame.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

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