Dear reader,Shapeshifter Sagas teaser

I’ve been planning, scheming and writing a new series called the Shapeshifter Sagas. Because of my fascination with anthropology, I’ve decided to delve into the untold stories from the world I created in The Shapeshifter Chronicles. Things will be getting a little steamier, as they will be adult love stories told throughout history. I’m mostly done writing the first book (whose title and cover will be released in my next email). If you have any interest in Vikings, I have a feeling you’ll LOVE it! I expect to get started on book two immediately following its completion. I plan on publishing three books in this series every calendar year to keep your thirst for more shapeshifters satisfied.

This brings me to The Shapeshifter Chronicles. I grew tired of the old covers, and since I’m a cover designer by night, I decided to give them a facelift (see below) and reformat them, adding my research notes. If you have any interest in reading this new content, you can update your copies through your preferred online ebook seller (Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo).

Summer flew by fast, and it’s back to work. I enjoyed visiting friends and family, and my kids didn’t try strangling each other, so I guess I would call that a success. I truly look forward to delivering you my latest series, but until then, I hope these last hot days and time with your families leave you satisfied and prepared for the winter.

Thank you for reading!