Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters & paranormal oh my!

So many writers have found writing success with magical, mystical and paranormal bad-boys, and heroines in select cases. A huge surge of vampire novels have made it to screen and television, and I admittedly have been sucked into the flurry of excitement. There is obviously Twilight, which found a huge audience and probably an even larger closet-audience. The Sookie Stackhouse series, aka Trueblood, went more dark and dirty, and Vampire Diaries can’t be left out either, with it’s small town setting. Producers wouldn’t spend their time or money on something that didn’t draw an audience, so clearly there are mass numbers drawn to blood drinkers. Is it dangerous and sexy? Sure. It clearly appeals to the public. At least a portion.

How about werewolves and shapeshifters? Twilight mixed the appeal to two different legendary creatures in a love triangle- the battle still rages amongst readers. Shiver created a character trapped, unable to stop himself from changing into a wolf. Trueblood seemed to bring all imaginable creatures into the mix- vampires, shapeshifters, were, fairy and more. Is it the appeal of the animalistic, dangerous and frightening, or is it simply the draw of the forbidden? Something that you can’t have. Like that 2000 calorie chocolate mud cake, that tastes like love itself- one plateful equaling a days worth of caloric consumption. I know if I eat that tasty mouthful of joy, the tire around my waist will thank me. Why do I eat it anyways? Because I can’t resist.

Guilty pleasures. I know the paranormal isn’t for everyone.  I’m drawn to it because it is an escape from the norm. I think it allows us to imagine that our life is rimmed with exciting, magical stories, which excite us and make us feel alive. It provides an electric current, carrying our fantasies away, making you think anything is possible. And anything is possible through prose.

I wrote about what thrilled me, a frail young woman, Ana, who is drawn to a mysterious shapeshifter. She is afraid of life letting her down, but finds inner strength and love despite herself. A whole new magical world opens itself to her, along with new dangers. If you ever wondered about mythical creatures and the root of their stories, be prepared for some answers after reading The Shapeshifter Chronicles.

But what about you? Is it the circumstance or the character that forces you to read on? Unrequited love or forbidden fruit, dangerous, with a thirst for blood? Who would you want to find staring up at your window?

And would you have the courage to go out and meet them…

Ready to go out and read a two new characters, that will pull on your heart strings and excite you? Chance and Ana want to meet you-