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Dear reader,Shapeshifter Sagas teaser

I’ve been planning, scheming and writing a new series called the Shapeshifter Sagas. Because of my fascination with anthropology, I’ve decided to delve into the untold stories from the world I created in The Shapeshifter Chronicles. Things will be getting a little steamier, as they will be adult love stories told throughout history. I’m mostly done writing the first book (whose title and cover will be released in my next email). If you have any interest in Vikings, I have a feeling you’ll LOVE it! I expect to get started on book two immediately following its completion. I plan on publishing three books in this series every calendar year to keep your thirst for more shapeshifters satisfied.

This brings me to The Shapeshifter Chronicles. I grew tired of the old covers, and since I’m a cover designer by night, I decided to give them a facelift (see below) and reformat them, adding my research notes. If you have any interest in reading this new content, you can update your copies through your preferred online ebook seller (Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo).

Summer flew by fast, and it’s back to work. I enjoyed visiting friends and family, and my kids didn’t try strangling each other, so I guess I would call that a success. I truly look forward to delivering you my latest series, but until then, I hope these last hot days and time with your families leave you satisfied and prepared for the winter.

Thank you for reading!

Remington Kindle World book release GIVEAWAY!

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Melissa Foster ‘s, The Remington’s Kindle World is being released on March 2, and we’re celebrating. A Kindle Fire HD ($200 value) is up for grabs, plus oodles of books go to one lucky winner! It could be you (and I hope it is.)

What is Melissa Foster ‘s – The Remington’s Kindle World? It’s a Kindle World launch of 18 all-new, never before published romances spinning off from Melissa Foster’s Remington Series, written by other authors (not  by Melissa Foster.) All available on Amazon, March 2nd, 2016.


Books include:

Blush of Love – Rachelle Ayala
City of Love – Kaira Rouda
Cooking up Love – Stacey Wallace
Could This Be Love – Kathy Ivan
Crazy Love – Calinda Be
Faith in Love – C.M. Albert
Give In To Love – Natasha Brown
Harvesting Love – Christine Cunningham
Love by the Ganges – Pavarti K. Tyler
Love in the City – Zoe York
Love on Fire – Margaret Taylor
Love on the Wind – P.C. Zick
Nailed by Love – Kelly Collins
Pitching for Love – Amy Manemann
Race of Love – Melissa McClone
Recipe for Love – Jamie Lee Scott
Revived by Love – Stacy Eaton
Some Kind of Love – Magan Vernon
Tracks to Love – Abbie St. Claire

Entries begin March 2, on release day:

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Shapeshifter Chronicle Playlist

I recently had fun putting together some songs that I felt represented scenes or moments in my book series The Shapeshifter Chronicles. Although I can’t listen to music while I write, these totally captured the essence of the feel. I’ve labeled them with the book or scene I felt they matched. Enjoy and happy holidays XOXO

Ana Alone On the Mountain in Fledgling- Evanescence, “My Last Breath”

Closing Credits for Fledgling- We The Kings, “Sad Song” ft Elena Coats

Closing Credits for Prodigy- Mr Probz, “Waves”

Emergent- Sam Smith, “Make It to Me”

Emergent Closing Credits- Coldplay, “Fix You”

Opening Scene for Ascension- Hozier, “Like Real People Do”

Lake Powell Scenes from Ascension- Lorde, “Everyone Wants to Rule the World”

Closing Credits for Ascension- Coldplay, “Sky Full of Stars”

My Writing Process Blog Tour


I was tagged by Raymond Bolton to take part in a tag team blog tour. If you’re a Twitter user and enjoy this post, please Tweet it up and follow me, as well. Thanks for reading!

1) What am I working on?
I am currently working on the third installment of The Shapeshifter Chronicles, my young adult paranormal series. I am still without a title, but hope to settle on it soon. I’m in the last quarter of the book and things are moving pretty fast now.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I like to think that despite the fact that I write in the paranormal and fantasy genre I bring quite a bit of reality into my work. I like the reader to connect with my characters and truly feel like they know and understand them. I feel this is important with this genre when you’re making up magical and fantastical elements, that certain things remain true like feelings and connections. I’m not sure if this really makes my work different from others, but it’s something that I’ve found lacking in some work in my genre (definitely not all).

3) Why do I write what I do?
I love magical realism and what they used to call urban fantasy. I have always been interested in alternate histories and novels that play with another view on events or popular stories/fairy tales. I write what I’m excited about. I have many different ideas on potential stories, only so much time to write. The focus has been on my YA paranormal series and my MG fantasy series, but I am excited to expand in the future.

4) How does your writing process work?
I am probably a nightmare to the meticulous. I write based off a loose idea and I plan while I write. As I move through the story, I connect elements and devise my scenes. I will hash out my ideas with my husband who does his best to poke holes and help me come up with creative solutions to problems. I do my research as I move through, although I do tend to do my shapeshifter research for the region I’m focusing on before I start the book just so I can familiarize myself wit the culture I’m focusing on. Because I don’t often have everything laid out before I begin I do tend to have to go back through the earlier chapters of the book if I change an element which means it’s impossible for me send work to beta readers early.
Once I’ve finished my first draft I usually read it aloud to my husband. This allows me to hear repetitive word use, clunky sentences or other issues, which I correct as I read. When I’m done with this phase I traditionally send it to my editor for a developmental read through for a critique. After I get the recommendations back I make any structural changes I need to and then it’s off to my beta readers.
I address any issues my beta’s might have and then it’s off to have a line edit for the final draft.
Last but not least, it’s off to my readers :)

It’s my turn now to pass the baton to the following author. Visit their blog next Monday, February 24, to see how they write.

Rachelle Ayala is the author of dramatic fiction crossing genres and boundaries.